Flat Stanley Adventures

Flat Stanley is an adventurous traveler. The hero of several children’s book, writing a Flat Stanley letter is an activity often done in first or second grade at elementary schools across America. Flat Stanley Letter I had a chance to become reacquainted with Flat Stanley recently, when I received a Flat Stanley letter from a … Read more

Plimoth Plantation – A Historical Day Trip from Boston to Plymouth MA

Mayflower II - Plymouth MA

There are a few places in the USA that every child should see, if possible, before they turn eighteen. Williamsburg, Boston’s Freedom Trail, Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, and of course, Plymouth top the list. In Plymouth, MA, they’ll see the legendary Plymouth Rock, climb aboard a Mayflower ship, and travel back a few hundred years at Plimoth … Read more

The Secret of Joyful Winter Holidays

Close your eyes and visualize how you want to spend the winter holidays. Do you see a magical tableaux out of a Norman Rockwell painting, or a mad scene of frenzied efforts to complete a list of self-imposed tasks? This year, consider taking a break from the craziness to enjoy family activities that truly capture … Read more

Enrichment Cruises: Fun For All the Family

Cunard Queen Elizabeth liner

An emerging new trend in cruising holidays is that of so-called “enrichment cruises”. In addition to the luxury of relaxing, dining and sightseeing expected from a cruise, enrichment cruises offer passengers lectures, demonstrations and classes; often with renowned professionals and experts giving talks or instruction and sometimes even celebrities. Many are now enjoying the opportunity … Read more

Enrichment and Busy Teens

The Foyt Family and friends trekking in Nepal.

It’s hard to believe that we’re into October, and I have yet to plan my children’s enrichment programs for the academic year. That’s how it goes with teens. When they reach adolescence, school-based clubs and after school sports take up what little time they have left after homework, and parents are left to squeeze in … Read more

Lifelong Learning As Life Brings Changes

We fell into a commitment to lifelong learning when we started out as a homeschooling family back in 2003. My husband and I decided that our oldest wasn’t really ready to deal with full day kindergarden, which was the only option in our district. We had a hard time picturing our active and inquisitive boy … Read more