Capital Region Blogs: 31 Flavors and Counting!

capital_region_blogsCapital Region blogs have come a long way from their origins as online journals. Now they give traditional media a run for the money in covering local news or tapping into the pulse of the generation.

But it’s not a contest between old and new media.

The boundaries between both blurred a long time ago when print publications added blogs to their roster, and when journalists started their own independent blogs. And these boundaries are bound to get even blurrier as early adopters heed emerging signs in current reports on the state of news media to develop transmedia platforms that include online, print, mobile, video, and tablet content.

Capital Region families will benefit as savvy content developers engage them in the process of creating content right where they are that is relevant, compelling, and even inspirational.

Take a look, and let me know if I’m missing the ones you count on. Tell me: which Capital Region blogs do you read?

Capital Region Parent Blogs (Includes blogs by parents, for parents, written by at least one regional blogger:)

Other Capital Region blogs (not explicitly for or by parents) include:

The Capital Region is chockfull of amazing, talented writers. I’m sure this list barely scratches the surface. Which Capital Region blogs am I missing? Who should be in my feed reader?