Quintessential Vermont: Burger Night at Bread and Butter Farm

Heading up near Burlington? Make sure to take a side trip for a Friday or Monday Burger Night at Bread and Butter Farms in Shelburne!

Bread and Butter Farm sign, Shelburne, VT

The owners of Bread and Butter Farm hold fast to the idea that healthy grows from the soil up. The grass the beef is fed on is whole grain, as are those fresh baked buns. And that comes through in every tasty, delicious bite.

But burgers and Burger Night are not all that Bread and Butter Farm is about. They have a farm store, open 9am-6pm, seven days a week (even during burger nights). In addition to beef and German sourdough bread, the store has specialty greens, fresh raw milk, “pastured, whey-fed pork” and more! We snagged some maple syrup and heard a rumor that sometimes there is honey.

If you stop in the store, or for a Burger Night, enjoy the entire farm experience. Pet the cows, wander the gardens, enjoy the scenery. Get the feel of what a wonderful thing a farm can be when people who care work the land they love.


Picnicking at Bread and Butter Farms, Shelburne, VT


There is plenty of room for a picnic during Burger Night. Tables are few, but folks don’t mind sharing. Or bring a blanket and do it “old school”.


Family Fun at Burger Night, Bread and Butter Farm, Shelburne, VT

Flat Top Trio, playing at Burger Night, Bread and Butter Farm, Shelburne, VT

Best advice for a Burger Night? Get there early! Second best advice? Watch that the wind doesn’t spill your salad.

Go see it!

Despite feeling like you are miles away from the city, Bread and Butter Farms is quite easy to get to.  Their address is 200 Leduc Farm Drive, Shelburne, VT. Leduc Farm Drive is off of Cheesefactory Road, which is off of Hinesburg Road to the east and Dorset Street to the west.

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  1. I enjoyed this article and plan to visit the farm. It was very well written and the pictures delightful.

    I gave a printed out copy to my friend, Gail, and she said she definitely is going to go there. Maybe we can go together,

    From the well written story and great pictures, It looks as though everyone who visits has a great time.

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