Best Family Vacations, According to Kids

Family Travel  Grand CanyonWhat do kids want when traveling? If you thought that it was  more time with family, then you would be wrong.

A recent poll of 50 children, ages 8 to 15, about best family vacations by tour operator Austin-Lehman Adventures, determined that what kids most want from a vacation is to see a new place – especially if it’s the beach, mountains, or national park.

And their favorite things to do are swimming, snorkeling and bike riding – the more active, the better.

“New findings will be incorporated into this year’s spring guide training and into future trips,” said Dan Austin, ALA’s founding director. Austin-Lehman Adventures’ newly appointed CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) Kasey Austin led the young-people-only discussion based on an interactive online survey.

“This is an ongoing research project and dialogue between ALA and its guests, fans and family to constantly improve and enhance the ALA trip experience,” said Austin. “Our summer guests will benefit from the ideas that come out of this focus group discussion.” Findings will be integrated into ALA family trip programming and orchestrated with guides during ALA’s annual spring Guide Training May 31-June 4 in Billings, MT.

One surprising finding is that although children are excited about adventure travel, they’re also concerned that activities may be too hard and beyond their abilities.

But you probably knew that, if you’re among the 20% of families who involve children in family vacation decisions.

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