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First Stop On Our Foodie Adventures Road Trip – Beef on Weck in Buffalo, NY

Our Foodie Adventures Road Trip was not off to a good start. The night before we were to set off on the road, when I should have been packing the car, I was writhing in pain from stomach camps in the early stages of a bout of Giardia, a souvenir from the Caribbean.

We headed out the next day anyway, a little later than planned, and with no will (on my part) to sample foods no matter how divine, but on our way nonetheless.


Beef On Weck

Our first stop was at Charlie the Butcher’s Kitchen in Buffalo, NY.

Charlie the Butcher

My father-in-law, a man who could deeply appreciate a mound of meat, would have been in hog heaven here. Several hunks of meat are displayed at the counter, and sliced by hand on demand. We came for the Beef on Weck, succulent roast beef in a Kaiser roll enlivened by caraway seeds and coarse salt.

It looked and smelled delicious. My daughter powered one down as is, while others added horseradish and mustard. The kids all washed theirs down with thick milkshakes. But I just watched, unable to partake.

Beef on weck

Parkside Candy

Not able to enjoy food, I was tempted to skip our scheduled stop at Parkside Candy. But then I would have missed the grand dame of candy stores.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside. The tattered exterior sits on a lonely corner, and it’s hard to tell if it’s even open without a closer look.


Inside, it’s a different story. The candy store is worth visiting just to admire an example of a bygone era, with its ornate domed ceiling and old-fashioned ice cream parlor seating.


The candy shop resembled a wedding cake – another treat that I couldn’t fully appreciate in my current state.

Where To Stay

Given our late start, and my feeble health, we kept the distance covered modest (6 hours, stopping at the Chautauqua Suites on Chautauqua Lake. Recommended by a friend with very high standards, we found the hotel to be exceedingly clean and comfortable. I’m especially enjoying the suite layout as I get to have a room to myself to rest and recuperate.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to do more than see and smell the deliciousness!

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