Bahamas Atlantis–Dolphin Cay to Shark Diving

girl-jumps-into-ocean-BahamasThe right incentive will propel a child to do nearly anything: pushing boundaries, knocking down inhibitions, and blasting through fears.

Once upon a time, young Alex refused to go into the water without a mask.  He just wouldn’t do it.  Didn’t want to get his face wet.

Following his buddy Joshua at The Atlantis’ Dolphin Cay; however, Alex swam with the dolphins – without a mask.

Well, first, he wore his mask to glide alongside the dolphins in deep water propelled by a hand-held water scooter.  But then Alex took off the mask to “board” a dolphin for a foot push across the lagoon.





Meanwhile, big sister Kayla dove into the open sea with a scuba tank.  She was twelve years old, not old enough to be unconditionally certified, but old enough to try it out.

Bahamas Diving - Girl learns to scuba.

There is nothing remarkable about a 12-year-old scuba diving, except that the last time we were in the ocean, just six months before that, Kayla was freaked out by the tiniest fish.  She avoided going into the water because she didn’t want to be near enough to fish to possibly touch them.

Diving Bahamas - Girl learns to scuba.

So, what changed?  Why was she so willing to scuba dive now?

I think it’s just the age-old desire to push age limits.

Scuba diving is an adult sport, and she couldn’t wait to grow up.

Diving Bahamas - Girl learns to scuba.

Bahamas Diving Daddy Daughter

And proving that you’re never too old to push personal boundaries, my husband and his buddy Doug went for the ultimate underwater adventure – shark diving! I wish I could find a photo from this outing, we used to have a video provided by Stuart Cove’s (much like this shark diving video,) the dive outfit that arranges these tests of machismo. But you can imagine.



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Dolphin Cay Atlantis – From shallow water interaction to deep water swim, there’s a program to suit your comfort level.

Dive Bahamas – From introductory scuba diving to shark diving, our extended family has relied on Stuart Cove’s to keep us safe on underwater adventures.

Family Vacation at Atlantis Bahamas:

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