Après Ski Thanksgiving Feast

There are a few things we gave up for a Thanksgiving feast away from home.

No getting my favorite part of the turkey – the leg. No sweet potato pie liberally covered in marshmallows. No Thanksgiving leftovers to gorge on until the very sight of turkey makes you lose your appetite.

But also no getting up at 5 a.m. to stuff the 20lb turkey and put it in the oven for a slim shot of roasting it before the inevitable chorus of, “Is dinner ready – yet?” No cleaning mounds of dishes. And no avoiding looking at empty seats where missing family members belong.


We didn’t get our favorite dishes, but we sampled new ones at Legend’s Restaurant Thanksgiving Buffet Feast at the Grand Summit Resort Hotel in Sunday River, Maine.


It wasn’t fancy. Legend’s Restaurant is a relaxed, casual place where skiers unwind after a hard day on the slopes. It’s no place for fine china and linens. But in a nod to the special occasion, each table had a floral bouquet and each place setting was graced with napkins artfully arranged in glasses. The buffet itself featured a carving station, pie table, and a decorative cornucopia.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia

The buffet included many old standards – turkey, home made cranberry sauce, yams, salads, and lots of pies. But, because this is Maine after all, seafood salad filled my plate to overflowing.

Thanksgiving Feast with Seafood Salad

And New England Clam Chowder was the star of our Thanksgiving Feast!

New England Clam Chowder

This Thanksgiving meal was possibly the most efficiently brief that I’ve ever experienced. We were in and out of the restaurant within an hour. There was no returning to the buffet line for multiple courses, even though the bounty certainly made that a possibility. After a day of skiing, at the very beginning of the season, sorely tested muscles begged to put a quick end to the day.

Family Foyt at Thanksgiving

On this extended Thanksgiving weekend, my family will work on building strength and endurance, each in our own way. Kayla is attending ski racing academy; while Grandma Foyt swims daily at our slopeside condo’s indoor pool. And the rest of us are skiing as much as our muscles allow.

Maybe by Christmas we’ll be ready to linger over a groaning table – instead of heeding groaning muscles!

Disclosure – Special thanks to Sunday River for extending our stay so that we can really get to know this family-friendly ski resort!

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