Amazing New Airline Offers

Lately there has been so much in the news about changes in airline offers, special programs, and special flights. Here is a summary of all the best offers.

Fresh picked salad with your meal

Fresh picked salad with your meal

How would you like to have fresh vegetables on your next flight? Under a new initiative from Virgin Atlantic, first class flyers can have all the fresh herbs and veggies they want. With this new trial program, the galley of all VA aircraft will contain a special garden patch that will be tended by newly hired Sky Gardeners.

If this program is successful, the garden produce will be offered to all passengers. Vegetables will depend on the flight destination and herbs will be used in cocktails. Virgin Altantic also announced future plans for in-flight microbreweries.

For all the singles and grumpy old men out there, Ryanair, a European based agency, is now offering “child free flights” – at a cost, of course. After a survey of over a thousand Europeans, many high frequency flights will be offered sans young ones. Says one company spokesman “While half our passengers would like us to divide our cabins up into ‘adult’ and ‘family’ areas it is not operationally possible.” The new flights will start mid-October.

Southwest is offering great news: Bags Fly Free. With the development of the T7, Southwest flights will now tow a trailer to carry all luggage, allowing more room on the plane for passengers and legroom.

Canadian based Westjet is trying a different approach. By adding helium to the ventilation departments, Westjet executives are hoping to lighten the aircraft. As helium is lighter than nitrogen, less jet fuel will be used and the savings will be passed on to the customers. All Westjet flight attendants will be fitted with special voice-lowering microphones.

Mars, viewed through the Hubble telescope

Looking for something completely different? What about something out of this world? For only $99 Expedia is offering flights to Mars, plus they are dropping their customary interplanetary booking fees. Now it’s cheaper to visit Mars that it is to visit Las Vegas. Make sure you take advantage of other specials when you visit the Red Planet, such as day trips to the grandest canyons in the solar system and dust surfing lessons.

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