Admirals Club Photo Tour – Membership Has Its Privileges

One of the many lovely benefits attached to the American Express Platinum card is access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide.

That’s a travel luxury that has eluded me lo these many years in a lifetime of air travel, almost exclusively on American Airlines. As often as I fly, it’s never been enough to rack up enough mileage in one year to qualify for membership in American Airlines’ Admirals Club.

For years, I’ve stared longingly as I passed the Admirals Club entrance, imagining harried travelers settling into an oasis of luxury and calm just beyond the door.

But today, Platinum card in hand, I breached the gate of the Admirals Club at John F Kennedy Airport.

I was greeted by a very friendly (for New York) attendant, who just happened to scoot off when I went for the shot:

JFK Admirals Club Lobby

Monitors are conveniently placed so that you can check your flight as you pass through the lobby.

Admirals Club Monitors The quiet zone – no phone calls or other noise allowed – is to the right side of the lobby.


But I headed to where the free snacks and drinks are kept stocked all day, along with an assortment of newspapers and American Airline magazines.

Admirals Club Free Snacks

I bypassed the many TV lounges…

Admirals Club TV Lounge

and the Bar Lounge…

Admirals Club Bar Lounge

as well as the Kid Zone…

Admirals Club Kid Zone

and the shower, much nicer than mine at home, by the way…

Admirals Club Shower

although I did make a pit stop in the spacious Ladies’ Restroom.

Admirals Club Ladies Restroom

I ended up in the Café Lounge, where I was able to plug in while munching on a delicious and moderately priced ($12 included tax and tip) Waldorf Salad, accompanied by FREE ice tea and apples.

Even the momentary temptation to pick up FREE cookies for the road was forgotten as I headed out to board the flight to Los Angeles accompanied by the stunningly beautiful and svelte Jan Daley.

Admirals Club Cafe

Maybe that’s one of the unstated Platinum benefits – diet willpower.

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