Raspberry Martini at Il Teatro Restaurant

A Gastronomical Romance In Quebec City

Early in our courtship, my husband-to-be and I celebrated romantic milestones at resorts best known for heart-shaped beds and bubbling Jacuzzis. Those were the days of champagne and roses, and our idea of sumptuous luxury was the Mount Airy Lodge where ”All you need to bring is your love for everything.”

Fast forward a quarter-century, to the hectic day-to-day drama of raising a teen and tween, and we again long to celebrate our union with romantic getaways. But now our standards for luxury have shifted a bit.

Last year, we discovered the romance of French Quebec on a weekend getaway at Mont Tremblant. And this year, we returned to Quebec, this time for the royal treatment at a Canadian castle – Château Frontenac in Quebec City.

On the boardwalk in Quebec City, looking on Chateau Frontenac.

This was a splurge, no doubt about it. We booked it two months in advance so we were able to get good rates (still well over $300/night,) but when we arrived the hotel attendant was so friendly that when she suggested that we could pay extra for a view of the city (or even more for a view of the river,) well we couldn’t resist the city view.

It was worth it to look out on the old city, with its spikes and spires and flags waving in the wind from our 12th floor room in the central tower. And this was far from our only indulgence.

Raspberry Martini at Il Teatro Restaurant

On our one full day in Quebec City, we spent the entire time walking just enough to justify stopping at another restaurant for another savory delight. We stopped to admire street performers and the historic buildings of one of the oldest European settlements in North America. But it was just an excuse to burn off some calories before the next meal.

I tried to capture the city’s delights in one short video, accompanied by a French folk song. The tune is part of a CD collection that we picked up from the performer (whose name I didn’t catch, and which is indecipherable on the CD jacket.) Despite the slight obtacle of a language barrier, my husband assures me that he obtained permission to use it in a video.

Video – Quebec City – A Gastronomical Romance

Ours was not a highly planned and researched vacation, but we enjoyed it all the more for being able to stroll where our fancy took us and to stop when a welcoming façade enticed. Interested in planning a mini vacation? Check out our romantic weekend getaway in Quebec City on our sister publication, GetawayMavens.com.

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