How to Start An Essay About Yourself

by Denise Gagnon on February 9, 2013

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How to Start An Essay About Yourself

Essays about oneself can be for college applications, jobs or for scholarships. They may take a specific format depending on the requirements stated or they could take the usual introduction, three-paragraph body and conclusion format. How you start an essay about yourself sets the tone for the rest of the essay and will determine whether the reader will be enticed to read more or will be not be willing to continue with the essay.

The introductory paragraph should include a thesis statement which will be the overall description of the entire essay. The statement should be brief and powerful at the same time and should make the reader want to know what the rest of the essay is all about. It should, therefore, be catchy and in line with the theme or topic, if these are provided for. If not, then it should reflect what the writer has chosen to write about themselves.

Instead of starting with the cliché statement “my name is…” one could opt to start with a quote or a memorable personal experience. This will help the essay to stand out and can help communicate more about the writer’s personality. The essay could also start out by exploring the writer’s strengths and weaknesses or an achievement they are proud of. The goal of the start of the essay is to explore the uniqueness of the writer and to keep the reader captivated and enticed to read even further.

Despite the fact that the reader will want to paint themselves in a flattering light, it is vital to remember to remain humble even when they choose to start by talking about their achievements. The start of the essay can be autobiographical, prompt or thematic. It should be detailed and relevant to the recipient. But most importantly, the start of such an essay should be the best representation of what the writer wants to put out there about themselves.

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