Adventure to Fitness Introduces High Energy DVDs for Families

by Adrienne Veglia Mazeau on December 3, 2012

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Adventure to FitnessHave your kids come home from school raving about an adventure with a guy named Mr. Marc and their travels through the Big Apple or maybe ancient China.  If so, their school participates in the Adventure to Fitness program designed to keep kids physically fit and combat obesity.  If your kids are big fans of Mr. Marc’s adventures you’re in luck!  Adventure to Fitness has just announced fun news for parents as they introduce their DVDs to families to use at home through their new online Adventure to Fitness shop. The DVDs are inexpensive at $5.99 each and a fun way to stay fit with your kids.  Videos can be pre-ordered now and will begin shipping on Friday, December 14th.

Adventure to Fitness is a nationally known children’s wellness and educational company that produces 30 minute videos streamed free in schools across the nation as way of providing a message about healthy physical activity. Each video  guides kids on a traveling adventure through physical activity with a mix of health education, social studies, math and geography skills.

Each video is led by the character Mr. Marc who guides kids through a high energy interactive, educational adventure to exotic global destinations such as ancient China, a sticky adventure involving maple syrup in Northern Canada and exploring the Serengeti preserve in Africa. The special sauce here is that your kids can learn interesting facts about far off destinations while getting a good work out to boot. I personally plan to store these away for the coming winter months to let the kids work off some cabin fever.

I received the Adventure to Fitness Big Bad Apple DVD at the BlogHer conference this summer.  I didn’t think much of it but started playing it for my kids prior to a trip to New York City.  My toddler son and 5 year old daughter LOVED it.  The Big Apple DVD takes kids on a mission to find out why all of New York City is asleep and try to catch the culprit, Mr. Lazy.  Kids start their adventure at the top of the Statute of Liberty where they learn about the history of this famous NYC landmark.  The goal of the this DVD and all of the Adventure to Fitness products is to keep kids moving!  The Big Apple Adventure takes kids through Times Square, Wall Street and other iconic spots throughout NYC until they make it to their final destination, the Empire State Building.  My daughter pointed out spots to us on a recent trip to NYC based on her adventures with Mr. Marc.  The video is a great educational tool – even for a road trip as kids can pump their legs and move their arms and happily fight off the restlessness of a drive.

If you’re looking for some great, educational gifts this year checkout the Adventure to Fitness shop.

| Adrienne lives outside of Albany, NY with her archaeologist husband, creative school age daughter and a very active toddler. When not dreaming about where to take her family next she works as a Fiscal Policy Analyst for New York State. Combining an insatiable appetite for breaking out of routine and discovering new destinations with her family while working full time keeps the balancing act interesting. Writing as become her creative outlet. Email:, Twitter: @AdrienneVMazeau

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