My Favorite Gluten-Free Bakery: Taffets in Philly

by Gina Martin on July 18, 2012

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If you or a family member have to eat gluten-free, you probably haven’t had a decent sandwich in years. I’m in the same boat, since I’m allergic to wheat, corn, and soy the bread options are severely limited. The ones I’ve found have been nothing to compare to “real” bread. This was the case until I found Taffets Gluten-Free Bakery when we went to visit Philadelphia earlier this summer – their breads are almost impossible to believe. They are not only gluten-free, but corn, and soy free as well. It’s also almost impossible to find gluten-free bread that works really well as a sandwich slice – being neither gummy nor sawdust like – but Taffets does it. I had given up on getting all that along with it being a healthy, excellent tasting whole grain style bread – until finding Taffets, where they use whole grains like quinoa and teff to make their sandwich loafs.

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Gluten-Free Travel and Dining

When traveling, I always do some research on local restaurants and food shops to see what is offered at our destination. For our Philly trip, the blog Gluten Free Philly was where I found out about Taffets Gluten-Free Bakery and their incredibly delicious breads. Taffets is located in the Italian Market section of the city, and supplies several local restaurants with gluten-free sandwich breads, including the famous Paesano’s (located diagonally across the street). After seeing rave reviews from different sources, I made a point of taking a trip to the market to check Taffets out myself.

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Compared to my own sandwich loaf recipe, Taffets is a revelation. Their bread is beautifully crusty, but not too hard. And the inside is light, chewy, and just perfect. My gluten-free breads always come out more like heavy bricks, and never get the rise that would allow them to “pass” as regular bread. Taffets quinoa and teff loaves do pass, with flying colors, and have actually become the preferred bread in our house for everyone! The baguettes are not whole grain, but they also have a nice crust and inside texture. These make fantastic hoagies (subs to us here in New York). They also mysteriously disappeared from the freezer where I thought I’d hidden my stash well enough. Live and learn.

Baguettes Taffet's Gluten Free Bakery Philly .JPG

My personal gold standard for gluten-free products is simple enough – they must pass the picky-pain-in-the-tush members of my family’s taste test. When I find myself yelling at them to leave MY ALLERGY FOOD ALONE, especially when their wheat foods are in full supply, I know we have something very special indeed.

Perfect Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Taffets in Philly.jpg

To my profound relief, Taffets also does limited shipping, so I can order their goods regularly. Basically, they won’t ship if it takes more than a day or so to get to you, as their bakery doesn’t use preservatives. They want to make sure the bread’s quality lives up to its reputation. I’m just happy I’ll be able to make another awesome gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich like the one pictured above!

Find It!

Taffets Artisan Bakery and Store – All Gluten Free
1024 South 9th Street
Philadelphia PA
Ph: 215-551-5511

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