Mexican National Park: Camécuaro Lake, Michoacán

by Cie McCullough Buschle on May 5, 2012

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Camécuaro Lake is a spring filled lake with crystal clear water. It is popular with picnickers for the lush vegetation surrounding the area, and also with professional photographers for its scenic beauty.

Camécuaro Lake is a small lake, only 4 acres of surface area and no more than 20 feet deep. It has been a National Park since 1940. The shores of the lake are full of 300-year-old cypress groves, and even an 1000 year old Sabia perennial pine tree. For about $20 you can rent a boat to take out yourself, or take guided tour.

There are picnic tables and vendors selling food and souvenirs, and even some wandering Mariachi bands. If it gets to noisy where you are, take a short walk and you will be sure to find somewhere quieter.

Lake Camecuaro, Michoacan

Lake Camecuaro, Michoacan

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