Mexican National Park: Cumbres de Monterrey, Nuevo León

by Cie McCullough Buschle on May 2, 2012

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Peak of La Silla Mountain in Monterrey Mexico

Peak of La Silla Mountain in Monterrey Mexico

If you know anything of Nuevo León or the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, then you are most likely familiar with the famous symbol of Monterrey – Cerro de la Silla or Saddle Mountain. It has a signature skyline, and is one of the most famous mountains in Mexico, reaching 5970 ft above sea level. Cumbres de Monterrey is the National Park that surrounds la Silla, created to protect the landscape from the encroaching city of Monterrey.

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Humans have lived in this area for thousands of years; indigenous paintings and carvings can be seen at numerous places throughout the park.Although the area is is an ecological reserve, there are many hiking trails which allow access to beautiful views and a diverse group of flora and fauna.

Cascada Cola de Caballo, or Horsetail Falls

Cascada Cola de Caballo, or Horsetail Falls

Inside the mountain range is one of the largest cave systems in Mexico, the Grutas de García (García Caves). The entrance to the caves is almost 2500 ft above road level, and can be reached by an aerial tram. Inside there are beautiful formations of stalagmites and stalactites. Marine fossils have been found within Grutas de García, a result of the oceanic sedimentary rock that lines many of the caves.

Cumbres de Monterrey is also filled with numerous canyons and waterfalls. One is the easily accessible Cascada Cola de Caballo (Horsetail Falls), which has a drop of 82 feet, cascading over boulders to resemble a horse’s tail. Another is Cascada de Chipitín, or Chipitín Falls. Chipitin Falls can only be reached by first a difficult hike, some repelling, and then swimming. However once reached it has an amazing 88.5 ft drop.

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