Albany’s Cupcake Wars Get Scientific

by Sandra Foyt on March 20, 2012

in Food Adventures

Tourist Attractions with Kids_edited-1I donated my body to science, or at least to a worthy cause – determining once and for all, who makes the best cupcakes in Albany, NY.

Before Daniel, my friend at All Over Albany and FUSSYlittleBLOG, put loyalty to the test, I have been known to stalk Bettie and her marvelous cupcakes, and to rave about Coccadots. I’ve even pitted one against the other in a homegrown Cupcake Wars.

But a funny thing happens when you eliminate blind spots formed by packaging and expectations. Cupcakes that I once thought amazing, came up far short in a blind taste test.

cupcake war albany-4

Daniel B., best known for his crusade to raise the level of culinary offerings in the Capital Region, brought together 20 readers of, for a hush-hush event at the Albany Hilton Garden Inn. We were sworn to secrecy so that the bakeries wouldn’t be alerted; the plan being to serve the same cupcakes that anyone might buy on a weekend.

cupcake war albany

Given that some cupcakes were stale while others picked up unpleasant refrigerator scents and flavors, it was clear that this was as level a playing field as it gets. And I was shocked to discover that a cupcake that I described as “gross” came from one of my favorite bakeries – Bettie, how could you fail me so?

cupcake war albany-3

At the reveal, I argued that maybe this wasn’t a fair test since who would spend a fortune for plain old vanilla or chocolate cupcakes? I go to specialty cupcake bakeries for – you guessed it! – specialty cupcakes.

But Daniel thought of that, offering a specialty cupcake round of what turns out to be the universal Capital Region flavor – Peanut Butter Cup.

cupcake war albany-2

Sadly, most of these peanut butter cup cupcakes were built on a foundation of chocolate cake, so the abject failure of the one colored the experience of the other. Bottom line, if you didn’t like the chocolate cupcakes you probably aren’t going to like the peanut butter cupcakes.

Read all about it on All Over Albany: Tasting Capital Region cupcakes.

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KB @ Home-Baked Happiness March 20, 2012 at 1:50 pm

Funny what happens when you judge honestly and take your preconceptions out of the mix, isn’t it? Every Bettie’s cake I’ve ever had has been dried out and unimpressive, but tasting them blindly, I started getting the sinking feeling that they’d prove me wrong and they’d turn out to be bakery A. But no, it turns out that they were the one that (surprise surprise) was dry and unimpressive here, too.

Beth @ TheAngelForever March 20, 2012 at 5:37 pm

The first cupcakes we tried locally were from Coccadots. We found them to be very dry, small, and meh. Then we heard about a cute pink truck that was starting out. We immediately fell in love with Fluffalicious becuase they were moist, tasty, and had some great new flavors (hello Cookie Dough and Shirly Temple). Over the summer we finally tried Bettie’s and enjoyed them a lot, but they were not as moist as the ones from Fluffy. Although we have gone to Sweet Temptations, we have always picked out cookies and not cupcakes. As you know, I like to feature cupcakes from time to time and enjoy creating some fun ones as well. Thanks for sharing.
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