Bear Naked to the Rescue!

by Cie McCullough Buschle on January 9, 2012

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Once every month I drive from Lake George, NY, to Boston to see friends. It’s not a long drive, just under four hours, and it’s a great chance to listen to some Stuff I Missed in History Class. But I do tend to get thirsty, solved by my trusty Bobble bottle, and a bit peckish.

Bear Naked to the rescue!

Selection of Bear Naked Trail MixesAlbany Kid was recently sent some samples of Bare Naked products, and I have to admit, I am hooked. I got to munch down on two packs of the Peak Energy Trail Mix: Pecan Apple Flax and Cranberry Protein, both in reclosable plastic bags. Absolutely perfect for eating and driving! Much better than a messy sandwich, taking up a hand I need for driving. Plus, if I dare put down loose food it will get sniffed and nibbled at by my driving companion and dog, Einstein.

Before tasting this, my previous favorite trail mix was GORP. No more plain peanuts and raisins for me, this stuff is too good. I went out and bought some Banana Nut Granola and Maple Pecan Granola for the ride back.

Personally, I love eating granola straight out of the bag or warm with milk, but the people at Bear Naked have cleverly thought up some great ways to include granola in everyday recipes. You know what this says to me? Great for travel! Pack it for snacks, use it for making lunch and breakfast!

Bear Naked to the rescue, again!

Bear Naked GoodiesBut there is another reason I like Bear Naked, not just for convenience and taste. That’s because I like to support companies that not only sell a good game, but play one as well. Bear Naked does this with their Sustainable Packaging Project and also through a project called TerraCycle.

If you send back as little as six 18 oz bags, Bear Naked will send you a reusable grocery bag. For as little as seven bags, a Bear Naked t-shirt! The company takes those bags, sent in from everywhere, and actually “repurposes” them into everyday usable items. Great! you’re thinking, But what about when I have all the t-shirts and reusable grocery bags that I need? Then…

TerraCycle to the rescue!

TerraCycle LogoGather your Bear Naked bags along with a school or service organization and receive $0.02 per bag. The best part is that TerraCycle even takes care of all the shipping and packaging! TerraCycle wants eliminate the very idea of waste; they collect the typically non-recyclable and turn it into new products: from park benches to upcycled backpacks. And, they are all around the world!

TerraCycle isn’t just for Bear Naked, it’s just that Bear Naked introduced me to the idea. They recycle, or upcycle, or repurpose, candy wrappers, pens, bottles, cans, potato chip bags, cheese packaging, cereal bags, coffee bags, cookie packaging, drink pouches, energy bars wrappers, gum packaging, yogurt containers, and all sorts of electronic gear. I have hardly listed half of it. If you want to sign up, follow the TerraCycle link or form you own brigade. Also, check out the cool stuff that TerraCycle makes.

But proper respect to Bear Naked, as I have never seen a message about TerraCycle on any other product. It shows commitment to what Bear Naked, as a brand, stands for: to strip away the clutter. And I like that.

Disclosure: I received samples from Bear Naked for review purposes. No other compensation was given and the opinions in this post are solely mine and are based on my experience with the product. 

Bear Naked Logo

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