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I am the type of person who would employ the “been there –done that” in my selection of family events, but I just can’t bring myself to say “no” to a return LEGO KidsFest in Hartford, Connecticut, one of only 7 cities fortunate to have this wonderful exhibition come to town.

Last year (2011) was the first time I had ever heard of LEGO KidsFest and frankly, I did not know what to expect. Perhaps a few LEGO statues, kit setups and of course, a Lego store. However, LEGO KidsFest turned out to be jaw-dropping experience that takes the full 4 ½ hours to get through.

Cruising Along Creation Nation

LEGO & DUPLO® Construction Zones, dozens of large-scale and miniature LEGO models and displays; Lebo build, race and play tables; LEGO Universe and LEGO Games, group builds; Creation Nation and Mystery Murals, are just a few of the well mapped out and managed “zones” that make up this exhibition. You will not only meet LEGO Master Builders but visit their incredible masterpieces that will take you significant time to walk around and take in all that these Master builders could possibly imagine and create

We visited cities that intertwine themes easily between aliens, space odyssey; Victorian days, transportation themes, Indiana Jones, etc. The imagination that is put into the enormous cities on display is inexplicable and makes you laugh when you see skeletons scaling buildings and hot tubs filled with astronauts.

LEGO® Models

One display in particular, showcased a large ice mountain with alien ships flying nearby, Indiana Jones –style natives scaling the creative ice scene and many other unrelated activities occurring outside of the icy mountain scene. However, after a quick trip around to the backside of the mountain, one finds that the mountain is secretly hollowed out to hold a large size baseball diamond, opposing teams playing and a stadium filled with spectators-human and otherwise inside. The imagination and creativity go on and on.

LEGO KidsFest is not a display of all the current Lego themes and kits available-far from it! In fact, you will probably never find yourself saying “oh that is from the LEGO Space Police or Star Wars collections because it is all one big imagination mashing. Lego KidsFest is an example of the creativity, engineering and imagination that can be cultivated and explored through LEGO.

LegoFest 2013

Ready your building skills!  The LEGO KidsFest, a nationally-traveling giant LEGO expo, is coming to a city near you!  This interactive LEGO extravaganza brings all of the creative hands-on, minds-on fun of LEGO building and experiences together in an activity- and entertainment-packed family event for children of all ages and builders of all skills and interests.

  • Richmond, Virginia:  February 15 – 17
  • Louisville, Kentucky:  April 5 – 7 
  • Houston, Texas:  May 17 – 19
  • Phoenix, Arizona:  July 12 – 14
  • San Jose, California:  August 30 – September 1
  • Portland, Oregon:  October 11 – 13 
  • Hartford, Connecticut:  December 6 – 8 

Among the many LEGO attractions, families will find:

  • LEGO Model Gallery: dozens of life-sized models made entirely from LEGO bricks
  • LEGO Master Builders: live demonstrations and activities from the crew who get paid to play
  • Creation Nation: build your own creation to add to a custom map of the U.S.
  • Race Ramps: build your own custom car, then race it down the ramp against friends and family
  • LEGO Games Arena: roll the dice to play LEGO board games
  • Construction Zones: creative free build, play and display areas
  • LEGO DUPLO®: younger visitors can explore imagination through building
  • LEGO Retail and KidsFest Marketplace: purchase LEGO and official KidsFest tour merchandise
  • Brick Pile: a gigantic pile full of LEGO bricks for creative play and enjoyment
  • Monochromatic Builds: bricks of a single color to foster group creativity
  • Brickscapes: fantastic displays that combine lots of LEGO and DUPLO sets
  • And much more, covering over 150,000+ square feet of space

On tour since 2009, nearly 400,000 have attended a LEGO KidsFest.  Previous tour stops include Minneapolis, Boston, Austin, Cincinnati, Denver, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Raleigh.  Tickets for many cities have sold out with 25,000 to 30,000 visitors in attendance at each venue.

Based on sell-out attendance in previous markets, advance ticket purchase is strongly encouraged. Tickets for all 2013 tour stops are on sale at

Getting There

Easy 2 hour or less drive from Albany, NY. The CT Convention Center is right off the highway and LEGO provides much manpower directing you into parking.

The exhibition is so well managed for families with children, right down to making all children wear a LEGO head tag with your cell phone on it “just in case”. The exhibition hall is very spacious and has lots of restrooms and a large café and eating area inside.

LEGO KidsFest in Hartford, CT
Connecticut Convention Center
100 Columbus Blvd
Hartford, CT 06103

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