Mamma Got Swag: The Fun Snacks Edition

by Kayla Foyt on August 9, 2011

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blogher-swag-fun-snacksMy mom goes to this annual BlogHer conference, this year it took place in San Diego, where “thousands of women from around the world  discuss, inspire and connect with each other.”

What I love about my mom going to these is that they give her tons of swag in the hopes that she will review them on her blog.  She always comes home with several reusable bags full of everything from new gum that’s not even for sale yet, to a canvas tarp from Lowes, to baby toys from Infantino.

Before she even gets a chance to look through them, my brother and I raid the bags.

For those of you who have never been to a conference with promotional giveaways, the term “swag” might be new to you. Swag doesn’t have anything to do with having a mad chill swagger, swag is free stuff that businesses give out.

Here are a few of my favorite fun snacks from mom’s BlogHer swag bags:

Snickers Peanut Butter Squared Bar

I am a big Snickers fan, and I also love peanut butter on pretty much anything. So naturally I find Snickers new peanut butter filling absolutely delicious. It isn’t just peanut butter and chocolate like in a Reese’s cup, these Snickers have more texture because they contain actual peanuts in the bar.

And if that doesn’t sell you, take a look at the shape. It comes with 2 squares instead of a straight up bar. This solves so many problems that bars cause. First of all it is way easier to share with another person, although I don’t think I could share something as good as this. And second of all, no more having the bottom of the bar melt in you hands as you eat the top. I honestly can’t even think of a fault to this treat.

Shari’s Berries

Shari’s Berries makes fancy looking gourmet chocolate dipped treats. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried their chocolate dipped strawberries and other fruits, but I have had the pleasure of tasting their cake pops.

I have cooked cake pops before, and I can tell you it’s a lot of work. But Shari’s berries have perfected the art of making cake pops. It is a delicious cake and frosting mix formed into a ball and coated in rich chocolate and put on a stick. Such a treat you can’t be passed up.

Listerine Pocketpaks Breath Strips

To tell you the truth I’m not a really big fan of Listerine’s Pocketpacks Breath Strips new flavor “Arctic Berry.” It tastes like cough drops. The back of the package suggests taking it before a date, but if my date’s breath smelled strongly of cough medicine I would be scared for their health.

On the upside, these Listerine strips are really cool. It’s like a sheet of what looks like plastic that melts the second it touches your tongue. It’s like mints that you don’t have to actually suck on. It is awesome in everything besides the flavor, so good thing they sell it in Cool Mint, Fresh Burst, and Cool Heat. I  especially want to try the Cool Heat cinnamon flavor.


Mentos UP2U Gum

Mentos’s new UP2U gum prides itself in giving you choices. “The great source of pleasure is variety.” “A choice for every moment of the day.” “2 flavors, 1 pack, you decide.” It says all of this on the pack.

What they did was make half of the pack spearmint and the other half mandarin strawberry. I think this is a terrific idea, since I always go to the gum rack at the grocery store and I will stare at the different flavors for 10 minutes before making up my mind.

Both flavors are good, they aren’t overly amazing but they aren’t gross either. They are average, but good enough to chew on. The spearmint is sweeter and less piercingly minty than other brands. The mandarin strawberry has the same tropical fruit taste as many other brands. I tried mixing the two together, it tastes fine but the spearmint overpowers the other one a bit.

I wish that Mentos had packed more pieces into this pack. The packaging is very neat but it feel like such a waste of resources to only contain 14 pieces, plus with these flavors I will be polishing off the pack quickly – especially with so many people asking for a piece.

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Smoothie Fruit

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Smoothie Fruit  are my new favorite food. I know that I’m not exactly the target consumer – young kids – but I love it anyway.

The Fruit Smoothies come in a little pouch and when you unscrew the top you can squirt out pureed fruit.

It makes me feel healthy and clean just reading the back. It says it contains 1 of the 5+ pieces of fruit and veggies recommended each day. It is also completely organic without any artificial anything. Only 50 calories, and it tastes soooo good.

I got the “red one,” a blend of strawberries, raspberries, apples and bananas. And the “purple one,” a blend of blackcurrants, blueberries, apples and bananas. In the red one, you can definitely taste the apple the most, and in the purple one I really taste the blackcurrants.

Both have a soft texture, but you can sort of feel tiny bits of the fruit in it. They are awesome because they are so easy to pack in a lunch box and they last so much longer sitting in my locker than fresh fruit does. Plus they are completely mess free, because being a teenager doesn’t exempt me for making messes like child.

I give Ella’s Kitchen Smoothie Fruits the “I-wish-I-could-have-a-life-times-supply-of-this-stuff” award!

Snack News

Who doesn’t love Skinny Cow’s ice cream? They are more delicious than other ice creams, and more healthy. Well, now Skinny Cow is “moooving” to the candy aisle! Both the Heavenly Crisp candy bars and the Dreamy Clusters are absolutely delicious.

| Kayla Foyt is a ski racer, skim boarder, runner, fashionista, and teen trend setter who thinks the best stuff is FREE. Fashion tip: brighten your ski gear with neon duct tape, and get your skim on with a colorfully painted and protected face of zinc oxide.

Alex Foyt August 9, 2011 at 6:43 pm

I am kayla’s sister, and i know she eats WAY to much junk! my Favorite candy are sour patch kids!

Alex Foyt August 9, 2011 at 6:44 pm


Alex Foyt August 9, 2011 at 6:44 pm

sorry lol

Sophia August 9, 2011 at 6:46 pm

I love snicker bars, so I would love to try the new Snicker Peanut Butter Squared Bar.

Lissa August 10, 2011 at 8:38 am

This is great, Kayla- and great that your mom provided such a fun writing topic! …and Alex is a riot – lol.

Gabe August 10, 2011 at 4:06 pm

I’ve never had any of these taste-tastic treats… I better try them soon!

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