Wendy’s Salads Are a Great Way to Watch What You Eat

by Sandra Foyt on June 17, 2011

in Food Adventures

It was with something less than unbridled enthusiasm that we approached another fast food meal, our fourth in as many weeks. Turns out that my family is not as fond of burger joints as you might think, and heading to the chain known for its “Where’s the Beef?” Campaign held no appeal.


Lucky for us, Wendy’s now carries more healthful menu items. One great option for keeping the calorie count under 600 is to order one of the many full-size salads at Wendy’s: Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (350,) Baja Salad (550,) BLT Cobb Salad (460,) or the Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad (450.) All of these are available in half-size portions, and there are even a couple of side salad options with lower calorie counts that seem big enough for a full meal to me.

Using the iChoose600 calorie counter, I selected the Caesar Side Salad (60,) 1/4th of the Lemon Garlic Caesar Dressing (30,) and the Small Chili (220,) to leave room for dessert – a Small Vanilla Frost (310.) The total was just slightly over 600 calories.

My son also wanted to leave room for dessert, so he chose the Junior Hamburger (230) and the Small Chocolate Frosty (300.) He also ordered a Value Natural Cut Fries, but the full portion at 220 calories would have put him over the 600 limit. So, he had a few and dumped the rest. His total was likely slightly over 600 calories, but not by much.

These weren’t perhaps the most nutritious meals that we could have chosen; certainly, we would have been much better off sticking with the full-size salads. But considering what we would have chosen without the iChoose600 goal, the 750 calorie Wild Berry Frosty Shake comes to mind, it was pretty good.

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Wendy’s Salads Are a Great Way to Watch What You Eat

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