Shopping for Shoes, a Love Story of Global Proportions

by Sandra Foyt on April 14, 2011

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This weekend is shaping up to be increggible (ha,ha, couldn’t resist.) If I could clone myself, and my family, there are at least five different places that I would like to be this Saturday.

As you know, I will be at Colonie Center all day to help with the Summer Camp Expo and the Tech Valley Blogger Tweetup, but if I were free, I would love to take my teen and a few of her friends to a show in Hudson that’s sure to spark heated discussions and shared reminisces of shoes that I have loved. (Trust me, I could go on all day about my shoes.)

Shopping for Shoes

289_photoHudson Opera House presents Shopping for Shoes, a production of Visible Fictions, Scotland on Saturday, April 16 at 2pm and 8pm. Written by Tim Crouch, this award-winning production won top award at the  2010 International Performing Arts for Youth Showcase. It is a funny, heartwarming tale of new found teenage love…and a lot of shoes! Tickets for the performance are $10 adults, $5 youth / group rates are available.  Recommended for ages 10 and up.  Performances take place at HOH.  

This visually witty, fast paced performance with an ever-changing kinetic set weaves a touching tale of newfound love, and global trade issues that helps youth to understand the implications of their own actions as global citizens. Written by Tim Crouch, this award-winning production won top award at the 2010 International Performing Arts for Youth Showcase.

Siobhan McClusky is 13 years old and passionately politically aware. She spends her nights online, chatting to Native American teenagers in Idaho, signing petitions against US conglomerates and protesting against climate change. She also fancies Shaun Holmes…Shaun is also 13 but passionate about just one thing – shoes.

Shopping for Shoes is a one-woman theater piece using only boxes and shoes as props… a story told about class, greed and globalization, set in the housing projects outside of Edinburgh. The performances are a wonderful opportunity to stimulate conversation about global trade issues and to help youth understand the implications of their own actions and behavior as global citizens of the twenty-first century.

Hudson Opera House, built in 1855 as the City Hall for Hudson, is a non-profit multi-arts center offering numerous programs for adults and children, many of which are free. For further information about this event, please call the Opera House at (518) 822-1438 or visit the website at The Hudson Opera House is located at 327 Warren Street.

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