Did Martha Stewart Invent the Oreo? #BlogHer10

by Sandra Foyt on August 7, 2010

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martha I’m not sure how I got on the mailing list for the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Bloggers’ Night Out party, but I didn’t turn it down. Like her, hate her, it doesn’t matter. Martha is a powerful woman who has turned her passions into an empire. She’s a good role model for my daughter, an inspiration to mommy bloggers everywhere; and I figured that I could count on her to provide good food at the party.

Since I’d already committed to attending another party that night, I didn’t have much time for this one. And with it located at the publication’s headquarters overlooking Chelsea Piers, it was at least a mile away from everywhere else that I had to be. Oh, and I didn’t have an invitation for my daughter.

We hopped a cab and zoomed down there anyway. They let us both in without question, and we proceeded to do the rounds, hoping to catch a glimpse of Martha. I tried to take a photo of the office space, with miles of cubicles as far as the eye could see. It looked so clean and white, so tidy. Sadly, we were told that photos weren’t allowed in the work space.

Walking on, I was reminded of the annual Rensselaer County Girl Scouts International Fair as each participant received a passport to be stamped at each station. At Martha’s party, each department stamped the book with their recommendations of Good Places to visit in New York City. Not surprisingly, the Garden Section directed us to the Botanical Gardens and Central Park. Can’t tell you the other destinations because I didn’t clue into this party game until late in the circuit.

It was hard to notice anything else as our eyes were drawn to the food. The table with the mini cupcakes and whoopie pies held our attention for a long time, until we moved on to the Oreo Cake. Part sculpture, part dessert, the Oreo Cake held a place of honor at a column by the window. I stared at it, mesmerized, wondering how long such a structure would last in my home before being knocked down by kids or devoured by the dog? It was so tempting to pull out a cookie from the bottom.

We never met Martha, but she was definitely there as I later discovered when looking at the Bloggers’ Night Out Flickr Album. That’s alright, it wasn’t all that important to actually see her in person. It was enough to introduce my daughter to the idea of Martha. I would’ve liked her to walk away thinking that women can accomplish anything they wish to, or that creative living is a good thing.

Instead, as we walked away with our swag bags filled with all kinds of goodies, including the new Oreo Fudge Cremes, she wanted to know, “Did Martha Stewart invent the Oreo?”


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