Brunch at Chez Daisie Creperie with Tom Chapin

by Sandra Foyt on May 7, 2010

in Food Adventures

chez It was not an auspicious start to the day.  I was scrambling to get out of the house in time for a morning concert at Proctor’s Theatre when the census taker came knocking at my door.

I’d been meaning to fill out the census form, but I’d set it aside with good intentions to fill it out during a homeschool lesson. Time passed, and the envelope moved into the towering stack of unopened mail. Untouched.  Unanswered.

I had no one but myself to blame for having to fill out a survey when I was running late, but we were lucky.  The traffic gods were on my side and we arrived just in time to discover that I had neglected to confirm how I was supposed to get my tickets.  One of the homeschool moms had ordered group tickets for us, and I guess I just assumed that she’d be there holding the tickets.  Unfortunately, I had no idea what she looked like.

We never did find her, and for all I know, she may have mailed the tickets and they’re also sitting in that frightening stack of unopened mail.

chez3I cut my losses, and just bought another set of tickets.  We ended up in the back of beyond, high up in balcony seating, but with a surprisingly good bird’s eye view of the performance. The acoustics were excellent, and we had no trouble hearing the lyrics despite the loud din of a gazillion school children.

Lots and lots of young children.  I was glad that we didn’t find our group as Alex sat in sullen silence through the show.  He decided that the concert was only for little kids. As a mature tween, he was offended by the ear-splitting chorus of enthusiastic voices chiming in on upbeat tunes like the Sing A Whale Song. Apparently, Tom Chapin “is known for his children’s music, intended for the age group that is too old for Sesame Street but too young for pop music.”

Well, I wasn’t in the intended demographic, but I enjoyed the performance.  And, it was clear from the audience response that Alex was in the minority.

chez_daisie After the show, we found a sweet little cafe, Chez Daisy Creperie, for a late brunch. I was so glad that I hadn’t had a chance to eat breakfast after all because I wanted to try everything on the menu.  Fresh ingredients. Luscious fruits.  Creative combinations. Rich garnishes.  Our meals had it all.

When we arrived at 11AM, the cafe was empty, but within a few minutes most of the tables were filled.  Lucky us, we got to sit in the window seat.  That’s how I noticed the star of the show strolling by, looking for a place to dine.  He checked out our plates, giving us the old thumbs up, but continued on.

Hopefully, the singer didn’t see Alex responding with a thumbs down.  This young man still wasn’t over the indignity of attending a concert for little kids.

And then, I saw Tom Chapin doubling back.  I had just moments to lecture Alex on proper behavior before the folk artist was sitting right next to us.

I guess this was my day for things to work out well.  Alex behaved himself, even when I stepped away to clear the table and Tom Chapin chose that moment to ask Alex what he thought of the concert.  Alex replied that he liked his music very much, but it was hard to enjoy with all the little kids yelling.

At least, that’s what he told me.

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