Golden Light Travel Photos

by Sandra Foyt on March 16, 2012

in Travel Photos

Outdoors, it can be tricky to harness natural light for photos. Available light can be too harsh, or too dim, to get good detail in the image. And just enough light doesn’t guarantee great photos. But if there is one time of day when you’re likely to capture your best travel photos – it’s in the Golden Hour.

In Day 4 of the SITS Girls’ Pin-tastic Pinterest Challenge, Courtney asked us to take photos in the golden light. Only problem is that it’s been raining hereabouts. That’s not to say that there’s no golden light on rainy days, but I wasn’t out there looking for it.

Instead, I’ve dug up a series of photos taken in Colorado following the light.

At the Garden of the Gods…

Garden of the Gods, Colorado

And at Mesa Verde…Mesa Verde 2

Mesa Verde 3

Travel Photo Challenge:

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