Strawberry Shortcake Dress Up Tea Party Ideas

by Kayla Foyt on August 26, 2011. Updated November 15, 2012

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the fruity and playful Strawberry Shortcake dolls. If only the new Strawberry Shortcake DVD, “Growing Up Dreams” had come out when I was little!

A great idea for enjoying the new DVD is to throw a Strawberry Shortcake Tea Party, and kids can make snacks using Jodie Fitz’ strawberry-licious recipes.


Invite Strawberry Shortcake dolls to your tea party; the play sets make great decorations too! (Available at Target.)


Super-fun idea: coordinate outfits with friends to look like Strawberry Shortcake and her friends! Dressing up like these characters can be very affordable. Here are a few outfits I pulled together at Target, in big girl and little girl sizes.

Blueberry Muffin


Blueberry Muffin and Strawberry Shortcake are berry good friends so it’s only natural the two share similar styles.They have been friends for so long and nothing changes as they grow up, not even those cute hats they where. Blueberry Muffin wears a blue one with purple polka dots.

To get the look put on some comfy but stylish blue jeans (Target carries sweet and sparkly jeans embroidered with flowers!) Pair it with a white top with polka dots, and add a purple scarf for a little more pizzas. Wear your hair loose and don’t forget to top it with a blue hat!


Orange Blossom

This earthy girl is all about protecting our environment and helping living things grow. Plus she loves orange trees.

To get Orange Blossom’s style choose a bright color – Orange Blossom’s favorite color is obviously orange so make sure to look bright and fruity. Layer it over a denim skirt, and add a sun hat. Wear your hair loose, and add a couple of braids with beads.

clip_image002[4] strawberry-shortcake-fashion-1

Tea Blossom

Tea Blossom loves flowers as well as putting on fun tea parties for friends. Style your outfit with blue jeans and cuff up the hem to your ankles. Add a floral blouse, or short flowery dress. Comb half your hair up in pig tails (use green hair ties if available,) put on a pair of hot pink flip- flops and you’re ready to put on your fabulous tea party!

strawberry-shortcake-fashion-3 clip_image004

Strawberry Shortcake: Growing Up Dreams comes out on DVD on August 30th, and Albany Kid will be giving away THREE DVDs! To sign up for the giveaway, click here! Hurry, the “Strawberry Shortcake: Growing Up Dreams” DVD Giveaway ends on August 28th.

Celebrate with Strawberry Shortcake: Growing Up Dreams

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